This website was made possible by alumni who sent in their photos. Table I shows the slides given by former residents in numerical order as they appear in the chapter. Special thanks go to Frank Folk, John Raffensperger, Sidney Blair, Frank Milloy, Richard Keen, and James Stone for sharing with the authors a large collection of prized photos. Table II is to acknowledge the source of photos in numerical orders. Many photos were from Chicago Medicine and we thank Scott Warner for granting us blanket permission to use these photos.

We also would like to thank the following archivisits—Ron Sims of Northwestern University, Susan Rishworth of American College of Surgeons, Susan Sacharski of Northwestern Memorial Hospital—for their guidance.

The Editors are grateful to have Janet Goldstein, Administrative Supervisor of the Division of Vascular Surgery, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, for her expertise in editing and prepartion of these slides.

Finally, we thank Jan Muller, Audio-Visual Consultant, for the production of the original hard copy CD/DVD.

Slide216 Slide217

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